Outpatient Physical
Speech Therapy at Home

  • Since 1999
Adaptive Home Therapy, INC
Adaptive Home Therapy, INC

We accept Medicare Part B

We also accept other private health insurances. In addition we offer maintenance therapy to people who need extended therapy visits.

No Home Bound Requirement

Our patients do not have to be homebound to have our in-home physical therapy services. Health Insurance physicians send their family members to us! We accept Medicare Part B. We also offer maintenance therapy for people who need extended therapy visits due to their condition.

Better for Older Adults

For older adults, new skills, exercises, and techniques are learned quicker and easier at home and always in one-on-one care.

Home Physical Therapy Services

  • Home safety assessments
  • Fall prevention
  • Balance & mobility training
  • Back pain management
  • Post-COVID rehab
  • Dementia treatment & management
  • Power wheelchair assessments
  • Swallow evaluations
  • Psychosocial treatment
  • Low vision training
  • Cognitive training
Adaptive Home Therapy, INC

The Treatment A-Team

Adaptive Home Therapy, INC